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One of only four left in the world — the Connie L-1649A has a glamorous — and checkered — past. 

Step onto the TWA Hotel’s tarmac — and back into 1958. Connie welcomes you aboard her newly-renovated 744 sq. ft. cabin, where vintage-inspired cocktails flow and snacks are served with a smile. Operated by hospitality industry leader, Gerber Group, Connie’s menu is stocked with 1960s cocktail favorites, including the Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Royal Ambassador Martini.

Connie flew her first TWA passengers in May 1958 and has no plans of hanging up her propellers just yet. In early 2018, MCR/MORSE Development partnered with Atlantic Models/Gogo Aviation to restore Connie to her original condition. This feat included tracking down authentic parts, installing flooring and windows, and outfitting the cockpit with controls, all completed at Maine’s Auburn-Lewiston Airport. In six short months, Connie went from beat-up to beautiful at 60 years old.

In April 2019, Connie was hoisted into the same spot at the TWA terminal where she parked in 1962, and where, today, guests can order drinks and snacks inspired by the 1960’s and navigate her cockpit with the original authentic controls, flip-able switches and hidden radar.

Gerber Group — owner-operator of 15 innovative cocktail bars and restaurants in New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Santiago, Chile — operates The Sunken Lounge, The Pool Bar and Connie at the TWA Hotel. Setting out to provide an innovative nightlife experience, Gerber Group opened its first property, The Whiskey at the Paramount Hotel, in 1991. Today, Gerber Group continues to re-define the hospitality industry with innovative dining concepts and bars featuring renowned beverage programs accompanied by exceptional culinary talents.

The extraordinary success of Gerber Group’s brands has established the company as a pre-eminent tastemaker, with a unique ability to create classically timeless bars with a sophisticated allure, as well as destination-worthy restaurants. Its properties have become a top choice of hoteliers who look to the company not only for increased food and beverage revenue, but also for increased occupancy rates.